Friday, January 10, 2014

Post-Holiday Recovery

So, the holidays happened.  And this blog didn't.  Mea maxima culpa!


Hello, you bad boy.  Get in mah tummy!
 As promised in my last post (you remember that, right?), I made my version of Vegetarian Times No Turkey-Turkey for Thanksgiving.  But this year I went all out and shaped these little babies into puff pastry turkeys!!  And they turned out beautiful and delicious.  Winner-winner, seitan dinner! 

I like to think of this recipe as more of a method then an actual recipe.  I just use my favorite seitan recipe (chicken-style), any basic stuffing (this happened to be a cornbread variation), any basic brown gravy recipe, and store-bought vegan puff pastry. 

But the real star of Thanksgiving?  Vegan Cheeseball for the win!!  Holy crap this was good.  My family devoured this and then demanded the recipe.  It was so good that I made it again and brought it to the Post-Thanksgiving Potluck (aka the Stretchy-Pants Party) at a friend's house, and was again bombarded with requests for the recipe.  You need this cheeseball in your life, seriously.

Vegan Cheeseball:  Delicious Oxymoron

Also, as promised, more catnaps were had:

Taffy tries to get in on some naptime action


You don't really need me to say much about the Christmas holidays, do you?  I made vegan fudge and vegan peanut brittle, but didn't take pictures.  We shopped.  More than we should.  We ate a lot of good food and went to the movies and hung out with friends and family.  Just like you! 

But I got some lovely heartwarming shots of the holiday season nonetheless:

Hahahaha!  Okay, that's not really heartwarming. I had my ingrown toenails CUT OUT.  OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH.  I'm still recovering five weeks later.  It felt like someone broke my toes. 

Back to Christmas:

Why yes, that is a Chinese Take-Out Box ornament.
My  mother demanded a photo sacrifice.

I made a felt manatee for Jake to give to his Secret Santa. I almost died from the cuteness.
Most importantly, I scored the creepiest Clown at the Office Party White Elephant gift exchange!
Finally, more catnaps were documented.  With socks.
 Okay, I'll have more fun stuff soon.  I promise!! No, really!  Cheers to a wonderful 2014 ahead!

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